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Aerial view of Washing Slagbaai National Park, Photo © Zsuzsanna Pusztai @ BonPhotoPrices

(July 2013)

All rates including fuel and calculated from actual "hobbs" time. Landing fees (Bonaire US $ 10.00) not included

- Local Sightseeing Flight of 1 hour with our pilots: USD 215.00
(max. 3 passengers with average weight)

- Airplane rental for non members, 1 hour: USD 215.00

- Airplane rental for BonAeroClub members, 1 hour: USD 165.00

-BonAeroClub Discount Card.
Our unique $250 personal discount card (members only) gives you a $25 discount on our hourly rental rates. The more you fly the more you earn! Valid one year.

- Pilot Check Out or Biennial Flight Review by our FAA Instructor: USD 215.00 plus instructor charges

Total flying time 1 hour (no passengers during Check Out or BFR). To be paid in advance and not including landing fee Flamingo Airport. A 90 day currency rule applies after Check Out date.

All prices to be paid in advance.
Landing fees not included.

Pilot requirements for rental:
- recent flying experience with a Cessna 172 (and being checked out by our instructor within 90 days prior to rental)
- FAA license (English Proficient)
- or a JAA license
- or a valid Dutch Antillian License
for international flights (e.g. Curacao) JAA with a FAA Verification (61.75 Certificate)
-valid Medical Certificate
- sign our rental agreement

- Membership BonAeroClub: USD 150.00 per year
Become a member and fly cheaper. For every student the membership of the BonAeroClub is mandatory. Members can make a rental reservation if their deposit has a minimum of USD 250.00. The rental fee will be deducted from this deposit.

- Flying lessons per hour: USD 165.00 plus instructor charges
Flying lessons - for members only - conducted by one of our FAA / JAA instructors, if available. Airplane rental (members rate) to be paid in advance. $10.00 Landing fee Flamingo Airport is not included. There is no charge for touch and go on Flamingo Airport! Instructor charges to be paid separately by student to instructor.

For more information and reservations:

Gijs Hoogerkamp
Tel. (+599) 785-0955
E-mail: gijs@bonaeroclub.com

Wietze Koopman
Tel. (+599) 786-2437
E-mail: wietze@bonaeroclub.com

Bank account: Fundashon BonAeroClub: MCB Bank Bonaire # 114.286.00.
Treasurer Wietze Koopman, phone 786 2437


Lac Bay on Bonaire

Photo © Zsuzsanna Pusztai @ BonPhoto