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Aerial view of Willemtoren Bonaire, Photo © Zsuzsanna Pusztai @ BonPhotoAbout us

Marc Westenberg
Allways busy with planes, either for his job at KLM or for the Aeroclub Bonaire. He still can not fly but that will change in the near future. He's done his first solo flight last June!

Gijs Hoogerkamp
After many years in the Internet business in Holland, Gijs came to Bonaire for a life in a more relaxed manner, thus exchanging the hectic IT-world for the calm and rest of Bonaire and its surrounding waters. On Bonaire he became a professional diver and explored the islands beautiful under water world. Living another one of his crazy dreams, as a pilot he discovered that Bonaire is very special from the air as well.

Wietze Koopman
In a previous life, Wietze was a tax lawyer working for the Dutch tax office until he found out that an outdoor life was much more fun. After traveling the world for a couple of years, he decided to make a living in diving. The beautiful corals brought him to Bonaire, but he found out there was more on the island. A Cessna 172 for instance, a couple of crazy guys who wanted to fly it, and before he knew what happened he got addicted to flying too.

Evert Schuurs
This sympathetic flight instructor has a lot of experience teaching people to fly aircraft in Holland. He even taught his girlfriend how to fly and in spite of that they stayed together and got married.  Ever since he and his wife Diny bought an apartment on Bonaire, Evert wanted to move there and teach student pilots. But the BonAeroClub had to practice a lot of patience waiting for Evert and Diny to first sell their house in Holland. Finally they managed come to Bonaire and since September 2012 Evert can do what he likes most: teaching student pilots on Bonaire.


Lac Bay on Bonaire

Photo © Zsuzsanna Pusztai @ BonPhoto