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N199LP aeroplaneWelcome to the website of BonAeroClub!

Set up in 2005 and formally established in 2006, the BonAeroClub now is the longest living Aeroclub on Bonaire ever. Adding the hot activity of flying a small aircraft to the increasing number of attractive possibilities to spend your time on Bonaire, the BonAeroClub has shown its survival power.

With the well maintained high wing Cessna 172, the experienced pilots of the club take non-pilots up into the blue skies of Bonaire for a flight seeing trip. They are happy to give you a unique opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views at an altitude of 1000 feet/ 300 meters.

Bonaire has excellent weather conditions for flying and the air traffic is low. Do you want to be a pilot? Bonaire is the right spot to learn how to fly. Bonaire offers 360 days of excellent aviation weather, the world’s most popular training plane: the Cessna 172 and a couple
of experienced instructors to get you flying!


Aerial View of Lac Bay, Slagbaai, Atlantis Kite Surf Beach on Bonaire

kite surfing bonaire

bonphoto bonaire

Photos © Zsuzsanna Pusztai @ BonPhoto